Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jennifer Angus's unique work combines beautiful, breathtaking images with something that we as a society are taught to fear; insects. This creates the fascinating juxtoposition of something society teaches us to admire created using something it teaches us to hate. One of the most interesting parts of Angus' talk focused on why we hate bugs. Many of us love them as children, so what changes? When and why does the transition from fascination to disgust occur? Angus mentioned that it may have something to do with losing a sense of wonder at the world as we grow older. As we become adults, we slowly learn to see many of the things we once loved as unpleasant, boring, or simple a nuisance. Another thing in this category which comes to mind, besides insects, is snow. As children snow is beautiful and fascinating, transforming the world into a magical land in which we are content to spend hours playing. But as we grow older we learn to view it as an inconvenient obstacle. This is exactly what makes Angus' work so incredible. Through her art she is able to take us back to that place of childlike wonder, where insects were mysterious and fascinating, rather than disgusting and annoying.

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