Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tara Bogart's talk on April 11th was both interesting an informative. One of the ideas I found most intriguing was that of what different parts of a whole person express about those people. This concept is featured heavily in Bogart's work, such in her photo series of different women from behind, shot from the waist up, showing only back, shoulders, and hair. Bogart later took this a step further, photographing only locks of individuals hair. This idea was also transferred to objects owned by people, in Bogart's photo series highlighting important objects in her life that she was sad to leave behind when she moved to Paris, and the series of 'portraits' of herself, her mother, and her aunt that she created through displays of objects most important to those people. I find this idea fascinating, especially from an artistic perspective, because it oftentimes works so well. On the surface, these parts and objects may lead us to conclusions based on stereotype, but looking deeper each thing has a voice of it's own that tells part the person's story in a way that nothing else could.

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