Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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In his book Relational Aesthetics, Nicolas Bourriaud writes that, "Artistic activity is a game, whose forms, patterns and function develop according to people and social contexts..." (page 3) Although it was not my original intention, my word art piece ended up becoming a sort of game with my audience. It's literal, physical forms and patterns changed according to the people who interacted with it, as different people rearranged my letters to make new meaning. In this sense, the function of the work also changed with people as those people changed it's form, and the various interpretations of said forms change with time as the social contexts in which they existed changed. It is also possible, even if it was unconcious on the part of the people who did so, that changing social contexts effected the decision to change the letters, as well as what they were changed to. As the artist, it was also a game in the sense of the attitude of casual enjoyment it involved. It was a game of discovery to go out and say "I wonder what my piece says today?"


  1. Always loved this project and how it allowed viewers to participate with the real and unreal aspects of your work. Great job!

  2. I saw these around campus last year and I know someone voiced in class that we see art all the time on campus so we're kind of desensitized to it, but i don't know maybe i just don't see alot of art compared to the general student population because i was very much so shocked/amazed/in awe of your project! Someone told me that it was a club that was putting these up, so I was totally surprised when you presented today! I enjoyed hearing about the processes and conclusions you made - this was a really awesome campus-wide participatory piece and I look forward to seeing more of your works throughout the term.